Mr. Cruz, Can You Please Explain?


cruz-reinvent copy

Dear Mr. Cruz, if you could explain a few things, it would sure clear up a lot of questions myself and others have. You are the only one that has the answers and I know you will be very honest for you are a Christian and do not lie about anything.

Mr. Cruz, why did you support 500 percent more B-1 Visa’s when American college grads with STEM degrees are unemployed? Was it because one of your biggest donors is Peter Thiel? The same Peter Thiel who co-founded PayPal, Napster, Spotify and was the first outside investor in Facebook, and probably the most successful venture capitalist in Silicon Valley and a member of the Bilderberg Group. And your other big donors are really big into the TPA and TTP acts? Is that why?

And why didn’t you get concerned when your wife Heidi became a member of the Council on…

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